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Go Classit! 

Every student has the right not to be scared of their mistake, and every student has the right to succeed out of true confidence.

Mistakes and successes are “The Yellow Brick Road” leading to true understanding.
Our means is a ground-breaking, smart, personalized platform.
Our fuel is real love for numbers, processes, and people.

Classit is a big data based smart and groundbreaking personalized learning platform geared towards math and physics teaching and assessment.
The platform is composed of step-by-step learning modules that automatically adjust to the student’s progress, provide the student with immediate feedback, and set personalized goals for the student.

The platform was developed as part of the P.I.E challenge for personalization in mathematics education, in collaboration with the Israeli Ministry of Education, Trump Foundation, and The 8200 Alumni Association. The platform is able to assess the knowledge gaps of every student, provides detailed explanations for mistakes, and presents personalized repeating exercises on aspects that require improvement. Classit provides the teacher with a detailed report of class progress and of students’ strengths and weaknesses, so that they can focus on the common mistakes as shown in empirical evidence and not just personal impressions. 

In addition, the platform produces research-supported data about the confidence levels, accuracy, and self-awareness of each student. Classit provides the teacher with an up-to-date report of the class and of each student’s progress anytime, anywhere. Classit is an ideal platform for a hybrid classroom, incorporating in-person and at-home learning. 

What does the teacher gain? 

  • Unique and original math exercises
  • Hundreds of step-by-step diagnostic learning modules for immediate use
  • Diagnosis of students that require additional attention in a fast and accurate manner
  • Tracking and reflection of the students’ achievements anytime, anywhere
  • Technical and pedagogical support and assistance

What does the student gain? 

  • A smart platform that gets to know the student every step of the way and adapts content for their exact profile
  • Personalized and immediate feedback for every single exercise
  • Detailed explanations after every mistake, and an opportunity for correction and improvement
  • Personal goal setting that facilitates continuous progress
  • Evaluation and enhancement of metacognitive abilities

Educators and students love working with Classit 

  • Student satisfaction with Classit N=4984
  • Educator satisfaction with Classit N=132