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Accessibility Statement

Classit sees utmost importance in serving accessible and high-quality content to every person, including disabled people, in a way that will promote equality. Therefore, we have done our best to make both our homepage and practice platform accessible. 

This site meets the requirements of the Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities (Accessibility Adjustments to the Service) Regulations, 2013. Adjustments were made according to the recommendation of the Israeli standard (5568) for disabled persons' accessibility on the internet on an AA level and according to the international WCAG2.0 standard.

Support of Different Systems: The site and Classit's platform fully support all common browsers and all common devices. 

Keyboard Navigation: The site and Classit’s platform enable complete keyboard navigation in both the navigation menus and the practice platform.

Mathematical Text: As a math teaching platform, Classit makes extensive use of mathematical formatted text. For sight-impaired students, it is possible to make this content accessible using keyboard navigation. 
Sight impaired students should enter their My Account, and define their account as belonging to a sight-impaired student.
After defining their account, one can activate the extension for accessible mathematical text as follows:
Once the accessibility extension is activated, all mathematical formulas will be accessible to screen readers intended for sight-impaired users. In addition, after activating the accessibility extension, you can navigate to the mathematical text using the keyboard, and when the enter key is clicked a textual representation of the mathematical text will be presented. You only need to activate the accessibility extension once, and the platform will remember your choice on the following visits and automatically activate the accessibility extension.

Non-textual Content: For all non-textual elements that are presented and have a functional purpose, there are textual alternatives that serve an identical purpose. Some practice modules use illustrations of graphs for which we are unfortunately unable to provide a textual alternative.

If while browsing the site you run into an accessibility-related issue we will be happy to receive feedback. Please contact us.

Statement Update Date: 16/3/2020.