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Privacy Policy

Collection of Information Concerning Site Users
We do not use spyware to collect identifying information about our users and do not plant spyware at the users’ end devices. The only information we collect about you is information you gave or will give us of your own initiative and/or information concerning your actions on the site.

Transfer of Personal Information to a Third Party
We will never share your personal information with a third party unless required to do so by law, except in the following circumstances:

  • School staff (such as teachers) will receive information concerning the activities of their school's students on the site.
  • In any case of dispute and/or proceeding between you and us, as long as there will be a need to share the information with a third party in order to settle the dispute and/or legal proceeding.

Data Security 
We are taking measures to ensure data security on our site but can not be responsible for damage caused to the users in the event of a breach of our databases.

Use of Cookies 
We use cookies that save information about actions taken by you while on the site to help you achieve a smooth browsing experience. The cookies are saved on your end device, and we do not have copies of them. You can clear your cookies at any time, and all information saved in them will be deleted.
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Changes to Our Privacy Policy
We reserve the right to change our privacy policy with no prior notification. The updated privacy policy is available on the site at any moment.